Decorating for Christmastime


Happy December! Merry pre-Christmas! It’s time for chunky socks and hot cocoa and best of all…Christmas decorations! Mark is a real stickler for not allowing any Christmas decorating to happen before December 1st, so once it rolls around, i’m usually pretty antsy and ready to get REALLY into the spirit.

Decorating our tree together is one of my very favorite traditions. We put on some Bing Crosby and get out the tinsel and he does all of the work while I direct the whole thing (anyone else do this to their partner? just me?). I love looking through all of our ornaments together. We had ornaments from both of our families, dating back to our grandparents and great grandparents, and we also have lot of new ones that we’ve purchased together, too! It feels so special to have so many memories tied to each ornament - it’s like our little tree is full of love.

This year it hit me that I’m not sure that we’ll ever get a different Christmas tree. We bought this one during our first Christmas together. I was convinced that I wanted a white one, and we found this one at a thrift store. The original lights were burnt out so we stripped them off, put new ones on, spruced it up a little, and it’s been with us for every Christmas since! I love this little tree of ours. I don’t think I could ever part with it!


Now that we’ve got the living room decorated, i’m working on adding little touches in all of the other rooms. Our apartment is super small, and we have a LOT of decorations, so I try to swap them into our regular decor throughout. Its a fun festive way and really cheers me up as I move through the apartment.


Finally, what would Christmas decorating be without some cookies? We got these super adorable cookie cutters from amazon this year, and I cant wait to make cute cookies for all of our friends and family! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season spent with those you love the most!

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