Around the Apartment Lately

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Because we’re planning a wedding (goodbye money!) and also planning to move into a home next year, i’ve been doing a lot less buying for our apartment lately. It’s actually been pretty nice, and kind of a fun challenge. I’m the sort of person who gets tired of looking at the same things day in and day out, so I love to refresh areas of our home every so often. Using only what we have or occasional second-hand or thrifted finds has been super fun, and reminds me of living in my very first apartment during college - which was 90% thrifted!

Overall, we’ve just been enjoying the space, even all of it’s idiosyncrasies (though i’d happily have a dishwasher again any day now). It’s nice to enjoy what we have, and really soak in the phase of life we’re in right now. A lot of things are going to change for us in the next few years, so slowing down and just being feels really important.

Because of that, I wanted to compile some of the photos i’ve snapped of our space lately. I know that despite the peeling paint and the mismatched furniture and the occasional dying plant, I will look back on these photos and always remember the love that filled this little home of ours.

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