Four Years



Four years ago today I had a first date with a guy at High Beck Tavern. He was six years older than me and we had met online and I was slightly worried that I might get murdered. We drank Blue Moons (which was the only beer I drank at the time) and talked about books and music and cameras and baking bread. We went to the Book Loft and looked around and showed each other some of our favorite authors (that was the night I was introduced to Tom Robbins, whose writing has changed my life).

It wasn’t some fairytale “love at first sight” but I left our date intrigued about this quiet, thoughtful, funny guy. Since that day, my life has changed drastically.  Mark has made me a better person by far. He has changed the way I view the world. Our love found me at a very sad and confusing time in my life, and he brought the sunshine back in. He has encouraged me and loved me when it felt like there was nothing left to love. He has allowed me to dream and held my hand as we’ve taken huge leaps together.

We’ve fallen in love over (so many) episodes of Star Trek and subs at Tommy’s. We’ve moved in together and then moved again (sorry friends who helped us). We’ve quit jobs with no plan and started new careers. We’ve loved and taken care of two cute kitty cats. We’ve built an entire life together. Mark - thank you for loving me, thank you for traveling across the world with me and dancing in hotel rooms with me and crying with me when things are shit. Thank you for bringing me water when I don’t want to go downstairs before bed, and for rubbing my back every single night. Our life isn’t perfect, and we surely aren’t perfect people, but every day I know it’s worth it.

Happy Anniversary Baby.
As The Beach Boys sang,
“God only knows what I’d be without you.”