Let's Start the New Year Right.


Happy New Year friends, and welcome to my new blog!

I'm so excited to share this new space with you. In the past i've attempted blogging a few different times, always with really high expectations about what I would accomplish. It became easy for me to lose sight early on about my true intentions for blogging. Overwhelmed and disheartened, I would always stop posting.

But, with a new year comes fresh starts and a chance to reestablish intentions. I'm resolving to make this space one for reflection, inspiration, and sentiment - a place to collect memories and celebrate the magical moments of life while also exploring my passions - filmmaking, books, style, and home decor, to name a few. 

I'm so excited for 2018 and for all that is to come. I hope that you'll come visit this little corner of the internet every so often to see what i'm up to! 

Oh, and heres some good ole' Bing Crosby to usher you properly into the new year.


lifeElizabeth DuBoe